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Do Business with One of Best Apparel Makers in Pakistan

With five Modern Units, independent and complete in all respects, Sara Corporation functions as a fully incorporated Mega Apparel Manufacturing Entity. Equipped with the most modern machinery, state of the art technology and manned by a superior workforce, Sara Corporation incorporates and symbolizes an Industry Standard which every aspiring Modern Industry strives to be.

Each of the Five Units of Sara Corporation is dedicated entirely to one Apparel variety. That is, each Unit manufactures only Knitwear or Woven Apparels or Bottom wear or Sweaters. The Printing & Yarn Dyeing Unit is a centralized division catering to all other units.

The Sara Corporation Advantage

  • One Stop Solution for all your requirements in Knitwear, Woven Apparels, Bottom wear and Sweaters.
  • Shorter Lead Times, Better Quality and Competitive Prices with Sara Corporation’s Modern Machinery & Complete In-house Processes
  • Quality Assurance– Sara Corporation is ISO 9001:2000 Certified, SAI 8000:2001 Approved & Compliant with other International & National Requirements
  • Expect First Class Professional Service from Sara Corporation’s Superior Management & Skilled Workforce.
  • Sara Corporation is considered as one of Best Apparel Makers in Pakistan

Quality Policy

Sara Corporation places high emphasis on manufacturing its products with consistent quality. Its Motto is to ‘Produce Right the First Time.’

On the Road to WRAP Certification

The WRAP Certification Program promotes and certifies lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.
The process of WRAP Certification is underway at Sara Corporation. It will be one of the very few industries in Pakistan to successfully comply with the stringent WRAP Production Principles.

Modern Machinery

Sara Corporation is ever acquiring new machines and expanding its facilities to pave the way for greater self-reliance, superior quality products, competitive prices, greater customer satisfaction and, most of all, in pursuing Excellence in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry. Sara Corporation has the required technology to process very complex designs and combinations.

Sara Corporation – the Success Story

Sara Corporation had a very simple beginning with only a handful of stitching machines in 1979. Today, Sara Corporation has grown to have Five Vertical Units, which are state of the art in all respects having the latest machines and facilities found nowhere in Pakistan.

One Stop Solution

he Five Independent Vertical Units offers the Complete Range of Apparels under one roof. Customers have the facility to procure Knitwear, Woven Garments, Bottom wear or Sweaters or combinations thereof in one place.

Complete In-House Processes

All the Units of Sara Corporation are fully integrated vertical units, supporting by complete in house processes. This helps Sara Corporation to offer shorter lead times, better quality and competitive prices.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification, SAI 8000:2001 Approval & Other Compliance

Sara Corporation is ISO 9001:2002 Certified and SAI 8000:2001 approved. The organization is also fully compliant with International & National Laws relating to Child Labour, Environmental Friendliness, Human-Ecological Requirements, Disciplinary Practices, Industrial Relations, Employment, Workmen’s Compensation, Social Security, Old Age Benefits, Freedom of Association, Working Hours, Discrimination, Health & Safety and others.


All five units of Sara Corporation are located at the Federal B Industrial Area of Karachi and enjoy all the benefits offered to Industries in Pakistan.