Quality Control

Sara Corporation believes that the product cannot be improved after the Garment is made. Every stringent step is taken to ensure that only the Perfect Fabric is used to give you Apparels that match the Best in the World.

Quality Policy

Sara Corporation places high emphasis on manufacturing its products with consistent quality. Its Motto is to ‘Produce Right the First Time.’

Our Motto lays emphasis on producing quality merchandise on time, every time to ensure customer satisfaction

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

Sara Corporation adheres to an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 1.5 in the Production Stage and an AQL of 2.5 at the Final Stage.

Modern R&D Laboratory

The centralized R&D Laboratory at Sara Corporation caters to every essential Test & Analysis.

Strong Q. C. Team

The Quality Control Team follows the Product Development right from selection of raw material to cutting, stitching to packing, final inspection to dispatch.

SAI 8000 : 2001 Compliant

Sara Corporation strictly adheres to all the requirements of the Social Accountability International (SAI 8000:2001).

En route to WRAP Certification

The process of WRAP Certification is underway. Sara Corporation will be one of the very few industries in Pakistan to successfully comply with the stringent WRAP Production Principles.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Sara Corporation is ISO-9002 Certified and strictly adheres to other International Quality Standards and Customer Specifications.

The following Process & Criteria are adopted for encompassing Quality Management System:

  • Management Leadership and Commitment to ISO-9002 Quality Management System.
  • Involving all employees in understanding, organizing, analyzing and implementing continuous improvement in their work.
  • Information Sharing & Feedback.
  • Continuous Training and Re-training to remain up-to-date and competitive.
  • Utilizing proper Quality Testing Tools.

Other Compliances

Sara Corporation is fully compliant with International and National Standards & Acts relating to Quality, Environmental Friendliness, Human-Ecological Requirements, Employment, Working Hours, Discrimination, Health & Safety and others.

Sara Corporation integrates ‘Top Quality’ in each and every sphere of its corporate life. Whatever the aspect may be – production facilities, employee morale, international compliance, customer satisfaction or superior products. Sara Corporation’s Quality Speaks for Itself.