Woven Apparel

Sara Corporation has the facility to run 20 different Styles in 20 different Fabrics at any given time.

The Woven Garment Unit of the Sara Corporation produces Woven Apparels for a host of International Brands, Departmental Stores, Mail Order Companies and Retailers. With an ability to achieve quality and competitive prices for both small and large quantities, Sara Corporation is able to effectively satisfy customers of various categories.

Some of the salient features of the Woven Division include:

  • High Temperature¬†Cone Dyeing
  • Full-fledged Centralized¬†Testing Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Production Planning
  • Latest Machines & Modern Production Procedures
  • 10 Stitching Floors with Modular Chain Basket System (20 lines)
  • Over 1000 Stitching Machines with Supporting Special Machines
  • Every Stitching floor has its own QC, Inspection, Cropping, Pressing, Folding & Packing Wing